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18th of July 2018

New Zealand

Solution for tree house issue

Wednesday, 4 July 2018, 5:08 pmPress Release: Dunedin City Council

Solution for tree house issue

Dunedin (Wednesday, 4 July 2018) – Dunedin City Council staff and a Councillor have worked to pull together a practical solution to the tree house issue featured in national media this week.

Cr Mike Lord has mobilised members of his Rotary Club of Mosgiel, and together they will work with the Mosgiel family to rebuild the tree house and ensure it meets building code requirements. An anonymous donor has offered to pay for any extra building materials, if needed.

Cr Lord says he understands the public reaction to the issue, however DCC Building Services had no discretion in this issue, as an independently accredited building control authority.

“The DCC doesn’t go looking for issues like this, but when we receive complaints our staff are obliged to follow up. Although councils don’t make building laws, as an accredited regulatory agency staff have no ability to turn a blind eye to structures that don’t meet legal requirements. This put them in a horrible position, and I am glad that together we have been able to sort it.”

Cr Lord says the last thing the DCC wanted to see was a children’s tree house pulled down, so it is seeking a pragmatic way forward. His Rotarians will rebuild the tree house and DCC Building Services staff will provide advice to help ensure the rebuilt tree house meets building regulations.

There are no specific guidelines for building a tree house, although the DCC is working on providing some high level guidance. Relevant information is contained in different parts of the Building Act and building code. All this information is available on the MBIE website –

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