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18th of July 2018

New Zealand

Options for flood assistance available

Wednesday, 4 July 2018, 4:24 pmPress Release: Gisborne District Council

Gisborne District Council are working with the Rural Support Trust, the Ministry of Social Development and other agencies to coordinate the recovery efforts across the region.

Council chief executive Nedine Thatcher Swann says development of the recovery plan is underway.

“We're working with central government officials, iwi, hapu and community groups to identify options and coordinate the delivery of the actions in the plan.”

“The announcement of Enhanced Taskforce Green assistance from the Minister on Monday is a boost to providing support to those people affected by both flood events.

“Now, we need to continue to gather information from the community on issues and support that is needed.”

Around 50 people have registered with the Rural Support Trust for assistance with either stress support, information on the income tax equalisation scheme, support with living expenses, or help with clean-up on rural properties.

“It’s great to have Enhanced Taskforce Green made available,” says David Scott, Rural Recovery Coordinator at the Rural Support Trust.

“These crews provide practical help in flood events, such as clearing light debris and silt build-up, cleaning fences, and possible light repair work.”

“We are working alongside MSD so that help with clean-up can be provided now, and again in the spring/early summer as ground conditions improve.”

Applications for Enhanced Taskforce Green are being managed through the Rural Support Trust. You need to register to be eligible for the Enhanced Taskforce Green clean-up support.

“We encourage anyone on the Coast, Poverty Bay Flats, Te Karaka and other affected areas that need assistance, to get in touch with us to discuss your situation and options available to meet your needs”.

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