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18th of July 2018

New Zealand

Waioeka Gorge to remain open during daylight hours

Wednesday, 4 July 2018, 6:13 pmPress Release: NZTA

The NZ Transport Agency advises that State Highway 2 (SH2) through the Waioeka Gorge remains open to a single lane operating between 7.30am and 5pm.

Transport Agency Regional Transport System Manager, Rob Campbell says there are still concerns over the stability of the slip site and continuous monitoring is required.

“Yesterday barriers were installed around the site to capture any falling material and we have tightened up our traffic control methods to ensure people aren’t experiencing any unnecessary delays.”

A new section of road is being built around the site, which is expected to take two weeks to complete. Construction on this is underway. Once complete, 24 hour road access will be restored.

From tomorrow, Thursday 5 July, traffic will be allowed to access the Waioeka Gorge earlier, from 7am, and wait closer to the slip site so they can drive through at 7.30am when it opens.

“If you do enter the gorge early and it is decided the slip site will be closed for the day there is room to turnaround and take the alternative route,”

“We want to also remind people that there is a 30km/h speed restriction in place through the site. This is for the safety of our construction team and people travelling through. There is a lot of activity happening in the constrained environment,” says Mr Campbell.

Contractors are working seven days a week on the site, and the NZ Transport Agency is committed to re-opening SH2 through the Waioeka Gorge as quickly as possible to get businesses running as usual and to re-connect communities. This is balanced with the need to prioritise safety of workers and road users.

If travelling after 5pm motorists are asked to use SH5 or SH35 as an alternative route. Please plan your journey and be aware these alternative routes will add significant time to your trip.

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