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18th of July 2018

New Zealand

Positive unexpected bonuses from hotspot campaign

Wednesday, 4 July 2018, 4:25 pmPress Release: Hawke's Bay Regional Council

A plan to spend $1 million kick-starting six environmental hot spot projects in Hawke’s Bay has had some unexpected bonuses for the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council.

The Regional Council identified six environmental hot spots in its annual plan last year and allocated $1 million towards undertaking freshwater improvement work in each of the areas. The six hot spot areas are Lake Tūtira, Ahuriri Estuary, Whakakī Lake, Tukituki catchment, Karamū Stream, and the Coastal Marine Environment.

A report to today’s Environment & Services Committee outlined the tremendous work that has been completed in the last year. This included planting more than 31 thousand plants and constructing more than 17 kilometres of fencing around waterways; while developing and implementing a plan to collect data for further study on the region’s marine environment.

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council Group Manager Integrated Catchment Management Iain Maxwell says while undertaking the work regional council staff have built stronger relationships with Tangata Wenua, landowners, communities, schools and other agencies.

He says another positive outcome has been the Regional Council’s internal growth through staff identifying better ways of working and collaborating to get the best outcomes.

“Throughout this project staff have come together, tested their existing practices against new theories and research, while sharing useful tools and methodologies across the business,” says Mr Maxwell.

“The seeds have been sown. Positive engagement with our communities is increasing. To continue this good work and keep the momentum going we need to continue to build relationships and share knowledge on how to restore our environment together.”

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