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18th of July 2018

New Zealand

Wairarapa Hospital building | Scoop News

Wednesday, 4 July 2018, 5:22 pmPress Release: Masterton District Council


4 July 2018

Wairarapa Hospital building

Masterton District Council has been advised by the Wairarapa District Health Board (DHB) that draft engineering reports indicate the Wairarapa Hospital building, or parts of it, may not be fully compliant.

In 2017 Masterton District Council requested the DHB carry out engineering reviews of the building. The request was part of Masterton District Council fulfilling its responsibility in identifying potentially earthquake-prone buildings in the district. As the hospital was recognised as a critical building for the community, Masterton District Council wanted to ascertain its compliance as soon as practicable.

Masterton District Council is working with the DHB to understand the status of the building. We’re keen to learn more about the draft engineering assessments that have been completed on the building.

We are also working with the DHB to understand how the Council can best support the DHB, as the owner of the building.

Further updates will be provided once further information becomes available.

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putin, trump scalp

Tough on Europe over trade, at the G-7. Tough on Europe over defence, at NATO. And utterly smitten as usual by Vladimir Putin at the Helsinki summit. Hard to pick what the weirdest aspect of this meeting was – was it Trump winking at Putin, the praise for Putin’s reliability, the green light given by Trump to Russia’s policies in Syria… or was it Trump’s failure to even mention the Crimea or Ukraine or the Skripals?

Tough call, but my bet for the most bizzarro moment came when Putin offered Russian investigators to help out with the probe into Russia’s role in the 2016 US election... Trump welcomed it, of course. More>>

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