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18th of July 2018

New Zealand

Hastings: Lower speeds from August 1

Wednesday, 4 July 2018, 4:31 pmPress Release: Hastings District Council

Lower speeds from August 1

Lower speed limits on selected Hastings roads will become effective on August 1, after Hastings District Council last week approved changes to the bylaw formalising them.

The major changes are: Arataki Rd (50kmh from Brookvale Rd to the current 50kmh near Russell Robertson Dr – down from 70kmh); Chatham Rd (50kmh for the full length – down from 70kmh); Farndon Rd (80kmh from Pakōwhai Rd to the 50kmh zone at the Clive end – down from 100kmh); Kirkwood Rd (an extension of the 50kmh zone to 350m northwest of Wilkes Pl); Percival Rd (new road - 50kmh for the full length); St George’s Rd (continuation of the 80kmh speed limit from the current 80kmh section through to Te Aute Rd - down from 100kmh); York Rd (down to 80kmh from the current 70kmh speed limit to the intersection with SH50A – down from 100kmh).

More minor changes to the Speed Limits By-law have been included, to match the detail in the bylaw with the existing on-road situation.

On August 1, road signs will be erected and any necessary road painting completed.

A five-week public consultation period on the speed limit review earlier this year attracted 785 submissions. In May, Hastings District Council considered the public input alongside crash records, consistency (speeds on nearby roads) and growing housing development in the targeted areas.

The speed limit review was requested by residents. “This has been very much driven by people asking Council to focus on road safety; particularly speed,” said Hastings mayor Sandra Hazlehurst.

“Some of our routes are just not suitable for speeds higher than 80kmh due to roadside hazards. In other places development has meant an increase in traffic and therefore 50kmh is a far more realistic limit.

“The information we based this review on came from our locals residents and we are pleased to have been able to address their concerns through such a comprehensive community-driven process.”

In the submissions, people asked that speeds on other roads be also considered, and those will form part of a future speed limit review, Mrs Hazlehurst said.ENDS

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