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14th of November 2018

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Your Daily Horoscope for September 11 , 2018  

A balanced strategy will get you through the day. If you plan to initiate any new plans or projects, whether they are work-based or personal ones, then make sure that you have the full backing of those who count. You’re more likely to get support if you present facts in a positive manner!   

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About Today: September 11 , 2018   Celebrities born on: September 11 Brian De Palma, Amy Madigan, Moby, Harry Connick Jr., Lola Falana, Earl Holliman, Ariana Richards, Harry Connick, Kristy McNichol, Brad Fischetti  -->  Search Celebrity Index

Celebrity Astro Gossip: One of the most consistent producers of quality TV shows in recent years has been HBO and their latest offering Veep has been no exception. For Anna Chlumsky the new show has been a real boost and according to her astrological chart its success has come at just the right time to give Anna the confidence to try out for some roles that she has always dreamed of taking on!

For those of us born on: September 11 Happy Birthday! The months ahead are likely to start quietly, but things will soon hot up! You’re likely to enjoy the ups and downs of romance throughout the year, preferring the chase rather than the capture itself! And there will be plenty of opportunities for that all thrilling chase many times! However, you’ll need to keep an eye on work or school. With your career house remaining empty for a long time there shouldn’t be any shocks, but you’ll have to push that little harder for the gains, until the New Year, when it becomes almost effortless!

Today's Health & Diet Tip:Fat cells begin to store energy within 1 day after you stop exercising, setting off metabolic changes that lead to weight gain.Today's Stress Buster:When one partner earns more than the other, especially by a large margin, it can cause tension. You need to remember that relationships are about Love!Today's Meditation:Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can. -- Danny KayeToday's Wisdom from around the World:Where God has his church the Devil will have his chapel. Spanish Proverb

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