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18th of July 2018

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Your Daily Horoscope for June 19 , 2018  

The moon will move out of your sign today, allowing your fondness for socializing and fun to return. You should indulge this, especially if you’re feeling a little listless at the moment, although a trip to your local mall for that special outfit is likely to fire you up nicely.   

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About Today: June 19 , 2018   Celebrities born on: June 19 Zoe Saldana, Brent Gore, Brian "Head" Welch, Kathleen Turner, Paula Abdul, Guy Lombardo, Gena Rowlands  -->  Search Celebrity Index

Celebrity Astro Gossip: Despite his marital issues, Chris Martin’s band Coldplay have produced a new album and it is doing surprisingly well, given that the band haven’t really developed their style. According to the planets, Chris is benefitting from the public’s desire for the familiar and the comfortable, but the planets also suggest that may well not last!

For those of us born on: June 19 Happy Birthday! It seems that the next few months will have you broadening your horizons. This could be a literal shift that sees you visiting different foreign places, or this could apply to things closer to home as you take on new responsibilities in an effort to learn more because you will be on a quest for understanding the world around you! Something, or someone, will inspire you, most likely a good friend, and then you will be unstoppable! It will also be a good year for romance as it is likely that you will meet someone with whom you share a common interest! Just make sure that in all the excitement you balance the different key areas of your life!

Today's Health & Diet Tip:Yoga is proven to be a stress reliever; the controlled breathing and posture movements help encourage relaxation.Today's Stress Buster:Rather than taking a brisk shower, why not luxuriate in a relaxing deep bath instead. It takes a little longer but it certainly soothes!Today's Meditation:You gotta have a dream. If you don't have a dream, how ya gonna make a dream come true? -- Bloody Mary, in the movie South PacificToday's Wisdom from around the World:When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you. African Proverb

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