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Soci raises $12M to help big brands manage 2019-12-10 07:00:05According to CEO Afif Khoury, we’re in the middle of “the third wave of social” — a shift back to local interactions. And Khou

How the founder of Pocketwatch sees the future 2019-12-09 18:18:32When Chris Williams founded entertainment platform Pocketwatch in 2017, he was certain that no one had yet found the right way to work with the genera

Snapchat Cameos edit your face into videos 2019-12-08 11:59:54Snapchat is preparing to launch a big new feature that uses your selfies to replace the faces of people in videos you can then share. It’s essen

Reddit links UK-US trade talk leak to Russian 2019-12-07 05:59:00Reddit has linked account activity involving the leak and amplification of sensitive UK-US trade talks on its platform during the ongoing UK election

Scammers peddling Islamophobic clickbait is business as usual 2019-12-05 18:32:40A run-of-the-mill money-making operation used tawdry, hateful clickbait and evaded Facebook's apparently negligible protections.

New tweet generator mocks venture capitalists 2019-12-05 15:50:38"The S-1 is going to be MOST disrupted FASTEST in the next 3 YEARS? Caps for effect."

Daily Crunch: Imgur launches an app for gaming 2019-12-05 14:38:35The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox ever

Chirp debuts a faster, feature-filled Twitter app for 2019-12-05 13:33:18Chirp, a Twitter client preferred by hundreds of thousands of Apple Watch users, is getting its biggest upgrade since its arrival last year. Now redes

300M-user Imgur launches Melee, a gaming meme app 2019-12-05 09:32:41Ten years after its debut, 300-million-monthly-user Imgur is one of the last massively popular yet unpersonalized home pages on the internet. Because

Instagram finally launches 13+ age checkups 2019-12-04 11:31:41Instagram is done playing dumb about users’ ages. After nine years, Instagram is finally embracing more responsibility to protect underage kids

Reddit’s monthly active user base grew 30% to 2019-12-04 10:52:14In a year-end retrospective released this morning, Reddit says its user base grew 30% this year to reach 430 million monthly active users, as of the e

Instagram still doesn’t age-check kids. That must change. 2019-12-03 18:50:12Instagram dodges child safety laws. By not asking users their age upon signup, it can feign ignorance about how old they are. That way, it can’t


This 'airbag'-like device may prevent an oncoming work New! 2019-12-10 17:15:38Created by La Fábrica de Inventos, Stop and Safe seeks to prevent users from injuring themselves while working. Read more...More about Tech, Ma

Exxon wins climate trial, but its battles have New! 2019-12-10 17:14:26Oil behemoth Exxon won a big climate trial on Tuesday.  But critically, while New York State Supreme Court judge Barry Ostrager found the company

How Anne Hathaway helped Mark Ruffalo get in New! 2019-12-10 17:13:09Playing a real person like Rob Bilott can be difficult for any actor. Mark Ruffalo talks about what he learned from Rob and how Anne Hathaway helped h

What is the best order to binge watch New! 2019-12-10 17:07:34There is a lot of debate about the optimal viewing order for all nine Star Wars films, so we're here to put that debate to bed once and for all. Read

Away CEO resigns after publication of internal messages New! 2019-12-10 17:06:00Employees accused Korey of publicly shaming them in Slack channels and overworking customer service representatives. Read more...More about Tech, Mash

This straightener may be the solution to your New! 2019-12-10 17:05:18Created by Barbossa, the Beard Behaviour straightener is self-described as being for “today’s man" and could lead to longer, straighter b

Nintendo's indie lineup has skateboarding birds and weapons New! 2019-12-10 16:22:01 If you like the Switch and you like having a creatively broad swath of games to play, Nintendo has some great news. An hour-long "Indie World" sh

Plant recommendation: The world's hottest fern New! 2019-12-10 16:20:33When you hear the word "fern," maybe you think of a big Boston fern, the kind with long, chaotic fronds and little leaves. Or maybe you already know

Apple's iOS 13.3 update finally lets you disable New! 2019-12-10 15:24:15Apple has released yet another iOS 13 update, and it addresses one of the more annoying issues to crop up with Apple's latest version of iOS. No, I'

Get a $30 Amazon video game credit when New! 2019-12-10 15:00:36TL;DR: Rock some neon blue and red Joy-Cons with this Nintendo Switch for $299, plus get a bonus $30 Amazon video game credit for a little something e

Sydney, engulfed in smoke, has a ghastly air New! 2019-12-10 13:45:01Iconic Sydney, choked in bushfire smoke, is swamped in some of the most atrocious air on Earth. At certain times of day, it is literally the worst. On

Apple's $6,000 Mac Pro has $400 wheels. And New! 2019-12-10 13:38:28 Read more... More about Apple, Mac Pro, Tech, and Big Tech Companies

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I want to meet the person who buys New! 2019-12-10 17:20:40Apple’s Mac Pro is available for purchase today, and several people have noticed something curious about it. Namely that, if you choose the corr

Humans best AI in first-ever Drone Racing League New! 2019-12-10 16:36:47The Drone Racing League recently held its first Human VS AI match, pitting a drone helmed by AI developed by Delft University of Technology&rsquo

Buchardt S400 Review: Remarkable speakers near endgame material New! 2019-12-10 15:07:33If you’re not particularly invested in high-quality speakers, there’s a good chance you haven’t heard of Buchardt Audio. I think it&

Double eureka: Breakthroughs could lead to quantum ‘FM New! 2019-12-10 14:52:58A team of scientists from the University of Chicago discovered a method by which quantum states can be integrated and controlled in everyday electroni

Resident Evil 3 Remake is real — and New! 2019-12-10 12:59:32I love it when rumors not only turn out to be true, but surpass my preconceived notions. Yes, the Resident Evil 3 Remake is real, and it’ll be c

Hackers can jack ShapeShift’s crypto wallets in 15 2019-12-10 11:09:44Cybersecurity researchers have disclosed a glaring vulnerability in the KeepKey cryptocurrency hardware wallet that allows physical attackers to steal

10 predictions for data science and AI in 2019-12-10 11:01:31As we come to the end of 2019, we reflect on a year whose start already saw 100 machine learning papers published a day and its end looks to

North’s Focals 2.0 smart glasses drop in 2020 2019-12-10 10:48:04Smart glasses have so much potential, but for whatever reason (maybe because so many of them look lame), they’ve never really taken off. Well, o

Gmail now lets you send emails within emails 2019-12-10 10:46:14Forget about forwarding emails: Google is rolling out a new feature in Gmail that lets you send emails as attachments — sort of like an email wi

Bitcoin ransomware hacker must pay $356K or spend 2019-12-10 09:48:03A jailed hacker responsible for distributing highly effective Bitcoin-demanding ransomware campaigns has been ordered to pay $355,671 (£270,000)

Nike now holds patent for blockchain-based sneakers called 2019-12-10 08:56:02The US Patent Office has today issued sportswear brand Nike‘s patent for its blockchain-compatible sneakers dubbed “CrpytoKicks.” Th

These Indiegogo-funded earbuds deliver amazing sonics & last 2019-12-10 08:30:00Discord Sound’s HUB wireless noise cancelling earbuds are the real deal -- and right now, they’re also on sale at 70 percent off from TNW


Sweet Flower Aims To Destigmatize Cannabis Shopping New! 2019-12-10 16:30:00Their latest store in downtown LA is bright, open, and friendly.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley's "People's Justice Guarantee" Is The New! 2019-12-10 15:40:00Pressley's massive criminal justice reform would also decriminalize sex work and end the cash bail system, solitary confinement, and the death penalt

10 Stocking Stuffers You Can Get for $10 New! 2019-12-10 15:30:00Fill those stockings up this year without going broke.

Instagram's Head of Content: Tips for Creators and New! 2019-12-10 15:20:00Here's what it's like to run a social media handle with 300 million followers.

Is Your Reputation Making or Breaking You? New! 2019-12-10 14:31:00Your reputation precedes you in client, co-worker and one-on-one meetings.

Inside the World of Cannabis Influencer Trippy Treez New! 2019-12-10 13:52:00Trippy Treez gives us a glimpse of what it's like to survive and thrive as a social media weed warrior.

Bill Gates's Top 5 Books of 2019 2019-12-10 11:00:00Here's the Microsoft co-founder's year-end list of books to read and gift, spanning from a one-volume U.S. history to an investigation into why huma

Pagrr Is Changing the Way People Build Their 2019-12-10 09:45:00Get more conversions online by building beautiful, conversion-optimized landing pages.

Elon Musk Took Tesla's Cybertruck for a Weekend 2019-12-10 09:34:50One parking lot sign was no match for the Cybertruck's might.

What Should Franchises Look for in a Law 2019-12-10 09:00:00Whether you're a franchisor or a franchisee, follow these experts' words of advice.

This One Personality Trait Sets Apart the Good 2019-12-10 09:00:00If you possess this characteristic, you will have less problems broadening your social circle.

Tapping Into the DNA of the Playboy Brand 2019-12-10 08:30:00How an old-school brand is adapting for modern times.

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Should Oracle Split? 2019-12-09 15:02:21We're used to discussing M&As in the tech sector, but splitting a company into two parts is a rarity. Analysts always have to ask who benefits an

For Some Sellers, Black Friday Was Beige 2019-12-06 14:38:00If Black Friday is the biggest sales day of the year, is it necessarily the best? For many small merchants, it seemed Black Friday was more beige than

Small Etailers: It's Not Too Late to Protect 2019-12-05 07:00:00As consumers start to tackle their holiday shopping lists, retailers are scrambling to finish preparations for what's likely to be a record-breaking

Amazon Makes Quantum Computing Accessible as a Service 2019-12-04 15:16:57Amazon Web Services has announced Amazon Braket, a fully managed quantum computing service. Braket will let scientists, researchers and developers exp

Dreamforce Points to New Disruption 2019-12-04 07:00:00There were more than 170,000 people at Dreamforce a couple of weeks ago, and many more watching from afar. Also, there were well over 2,000 sessions.

SMBs Enjoy Online Surge on Small Business Saturday 2019-12-03 13:56:14While many retailers mull the takeaway from this year's Black Friday Cyber Monday shopping event, others may be more interested in the action that to

Crowdsourcing, Drones, and Why I'll Never Buy a 2019-12-02 14:59:36Amazon has taught me I don't have to wait for my next two-pack of ravioli cutter stamps, so if you can't get them to me in under two hours, I know s

The CCPA Will Take Effect Jan. 1 - 2019-11-29 07:00:00Although not every United States business will be affected, the new California Consumer Protection Act almost certainly will have implications for man

Consider Service Mesh as a Security Tool 2019-11-26 12:40:26If you're like most security pros, chances are you're starting to get frustrated with microservices a little -- or maybe a lot. Microservice archite

Health Tech Trends: Connected Devices, Telehealth, Independent Living 2019-11-25 12:58:54The U.S. healthcare industry is in the midst of transformation, including an overhaul of its information infrastructure from physical to digital, and

Why a Single Source of Truth Often Isn't 2019-11-21 14:07:00This week, Salesforce used its annual Dreamforce mega-show to make a host of announcements, ranging from contact center partnership with Amazon to a s

How Safe Are Home Security Systems? 2019-11-21 13:01:34I have loved the story of Ring doorbells ever since seeing the CEO Jamie Siminoff on TV's Shark Tank several years ago. I also loved the SimpliSafe s

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Spray-Painted Polar Bear Baffles Wildlife Experts 2019-12-03 19:56:48Footage shared via social media of a polar bear in Russia with a black “T-34” spray-painted on its side has vexed experts. Researchers war

Teenager Gets Stuck Trying To Sneak Into Own 2019-12-02 14:46:57A teen from Arizona who attempted to shimmy down her chimney in an effort to sneak home after a late night out wound up getting stuck, according to re

Video Captures School Bus Driver Gulping Beer While 2019-11-29 16:54:49A school bus driver from Illinois was terminated and charged with drinking alcohol while transporting more than two dozen young students. “When

Man Hid Dead Roommate’s Body Under Mattress, Then 2019-11-29 15:12:49A man covered up his deceased roommate’s corpse with a mattress and then had intercourse with a different woman “multiple times” on

The World’s First HIV Positive Sperm Bank Opens 2019-11-27 20:03:42The world’s very first HIV positive sperm bank has opened in an attempt to reduce the ostracism experienced by persons living with the virus. Sp

Man Films Large Spider Carrying Dead Mouse Up 2019-11-26 16:51:30At his neighbor’s house, a man filmed a monolithic huntsman spider crawling up the wall carrying a fully sized, dead mouse. The huntsman spider,

82-Year-Old Lady Beats Up Burglar Who Broke Into 2019-11-25 16:16:06An 82-year-old female powerlifter broke her foot off in a 28-year-old man’s rear end after he tried to break into her abode in Rochester, New Yo

Woman Born With 12 Fingers And 20 Toes 2019-11-22 17:03:20A woman who was born with 12 fingers and 20 toes contends she has become a social misfit, with neighbors convinced she is a witch. 63-year-old Kumar N

Preschool Girl Puts Classmate In Headlock After He 2019-11-21 15:28:53A 3-year-old girl is giving “girl power” a whole new meaning, after teachers found Kynlee McFetridge clinching her fellow preschooler, Jac

Attorney Dies After Being Shot By Gun Presented 2019-11-20 14:35:14A prominent barrister from South Africa has been shot and slain in court after a firearm presented as evidence in the trial inadvertently went off. Se

Guy Survives Being Swallowed By A Hippo Three 2019-11-19 13:16:25A man who narrowly survived being swallowed by a hippopotamus has opened up about the death-defying ordeal, in which he forfeited an arm. Paul Templer

Garbage Collector Uncovers Whale Vomit Worth Over $100,000 2019-11-19 11:40:48They say — one creature’s vomit is another man’s treasure — as one garbage man discovers over $100,000 worth of whale puke. So

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